Choice of children 2018-11-23T11:03:34+08:00

“Super-set number 1”  awarded 1 place of  “Choice of children”!


        Electronic kit ZNATOK “Super-set number 1” was awarded 1 place in the competition of the children’s quality mark “Choice of children”!

        “Choice of children” is the most objective and fair competition determining the best toys for children, because the main experts in it are children themselves!

         Girls and boys in the form of a game tested hundreds of toys and on the basis of the game expressed their own opinion about the goods they liked, putting up competitive scores in the balloons.

         We are very pleased that the children awarded our designer 1 place!

         “Super-set number 1” received a lot of awards this year, but the most important and valuable for us is the “Choice of children” and the fact that the best designer was recognized by children! Watching contented and enthusiastic guys – this is a real reward for our entire team.

         Thank you for your recognition and trust! We do this so that our children will grow up smart and happy!