Znatok Group Limited’s Successful Showcase of the Electronic Kit for Kids at the 134th Canton Fair


electronic kit


At the 134th Canton Fair, Znatok Group Limited presented our primary product line includes toys, electronic circuit building blocks, programmable blocks, programmable modules, and programmable robots, catering to a wide range of age groups, from 3-year-old preschool children to older children aged 8 and above, as well as teenagers over 12 and even college students interested in programming. These remarkable product captured significant attention and interest throughout the exhibition, with numerous attendees displaying genuine enthusiasm and leaving their contact information.


electronic kit


The Product’s Features and Applications

Our electronic kit provides children with an interactive, enjoyable, and educationally enriching experience. Comprising intricately designed electronic components and accessories, it empowers kids to assemble and create their own electronic devices. This product serves as a gateway for children to learn about basic electronics principles, fundamental programming, and nurtures their creative thinking.

The kit offers a diverse array of functionalities, stimulating creativity and inquisitiveness among children. It facilitates the construction of simple electronic toys, voice-activated lights, miniature games, and more. Through hands-on assembly of these electronic devices, children engage in playful learning, expanding their knowledge of science and technology, and laying a foundation for their future development.


electronic kit


Exceptional Reception and Fair Success

We were delighted by the overwhelming interest shown by visitors in our product. Many parents and educators recognized the educational significance and entertainment value of this electronic kit, expressing keen interest in gaining further insights and acquiring it. Their willingness to provide contact details underscores their eagerness to explore our product further.


electronic kit


electronic kit


Facilitating Online Interactions

For those unable to attend the event physically, we offer an avenue for online communication. Whether you seek clarifications about the product or desire more information, our team is readily available for assistance and consultation. Feel free to contact us through our website or email: vivi@znatok.cn; we are committed to providing support.

The fair was an outstanding success, and we extend heartfelt appreciation to all our visiting customers and partners. We eagerly anticipate forging deeper connections with you and introducing our electronic kit to more enthusiastic families and educational institutions.

Thank you for your attention and unwavering support!

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